Friday, May 14, 2010

Quote of the Day

If we should deal out justice only, in this world, who would escape?  No, it is better to be generous, and in the end more profitable, for it gains gratitude for us, and love. 

  • Mark Twain

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Quote of the Day

I just love dichotomy. We know scientifically, that 'opposites attract.' We also know from personal experience that 'like attracts like'.

  • Sri Gawn Tu Fahr 
I love this :-)

Sunday, May 02, 2010

I Am Consciousness

Since the beginning of my 1st blog (you`re here: My Truth was my very 1st blog!) I have had the simple profile statement of:

"I am consciousness"

So what does that mean?

The typical person may say "consciousness" means we are aware of something, I am conscious of my body, thoughts, emotions, etc. Without realizing it at the time, I was actually tuning into a deeper meaning that I could only later begin to put into words. After years of studying, reading, loving and opening myself up to spiritual teachers and thought leaders such as: Eckhart Tolle, Tony Robbins, Dr. Louis Hay, Gandhi, Buddha, The Dalai Lama, Oprah Winfrey, Amma, Jesus Christ, Og Mandino and many, many more, I realized what consciousness really means…

Consciousness is the vast and infinite underlying foundation of the very form of awareness.

Of course understanding this meaning of consciousness and actually staying this present in the day to day moments of our lives are two different things. For most of us, experiencing true consciousness on this deeper level can be difficult as it does take serious effort. It`s about placing attention on the space, or the gap, between words and thoughts. It`s existing in the gap.

I think Eckhart Tolle put it beautifully when he said: "Discover inner space by creating gaps in the stream of thinking. Without those gaps, your thinking becomes repetitive, uninspired, devoid of any creative spark, which is how it still is for most people on the planet." In one of my favorite books, A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle suggests breath meditation to help bring that space into our lives. Because we generally breathe with no effort, when we become conscious of our own breath, we are absolutely present. Conscious breathing stops the process of thinking. We are not asleep in this state, we are more fully awake. This form of breath meditation offers space for true consciousness.

At least once a day I try to still my thoughts, close my eyes and for even just one moment quiet my thoughts and breath in consciousness. This quick exercise takes just a moment, but it reminds me of my own vast inner spaciousness and the ability within us all to tap into that greater divine power within the universe. Many times we go through life on auto pilot. It`s like our brains are pre programmed to move throughout our day to day lives that being present isn`t even necessary anymore. We get through each day without even realizing we`re not present. We drive down the street not even noticing the trees, the birds, the colors, the people. We go to work and push through each day without expressing true, deep feelings, without feeling the emotion of those around us, without seeing the eternal purpose behind the seemingly monotonous day to day tasks….

True consciousness brings awareness of ourselves and our surroundings as one. You can`t be conscious of something without participating in it. Being conscious, being deeply aware, means that you are seeing yourself in that thing. You are breaking the boundaries and seeing the "invisible" connection between you and everything/everyone around you. You are really participating in the deeper place of existence where objects, people, places, things don`t exist without purpose.

So, to say "I am consciousness" I am recognizing
that I am always in a state of total awareness, as we all are, and that all I have to do is tap into that conscious awareness to feel completely at peace.






My Quote of the Day

It`s the questions themselves that should be embraced, the answers are the result of asking the right questions.

  • Jenny Stradling