Monday, December 22, 2008

Perfect Imperfection

The dream mixes with reality
Night becomes day, or is it night again?
Blended breathing, colors
Concentration, wanting, without wanting
Deep, intense lust and love
A thought, never ending
Words never ceasing
Understanding, expressing
Creativity, abundance
Stretching, pushing... pulling
Reality giving way for interpretation
Questions instead of answers
Asking... asking, telling, acknowledging
Comprehension, a spellbinding wavelength
Significance, not arrogance
Writing, singing, dancing
Hearts beat in unison
Feeling, breathing, touching
Open mindedness
Giving in, not giving up
Eternally grateful
Ironic expressions, amused and the amusing, the "amuser"
Perfect imperfection
A blessed interaction, a soul meeting
A planned encounter
The ideal destiny
Capable contemplation
The story ends... for tonight

1 comment:

tatiana_qkd said...

I love your poems so much. They are so uplifting and REAL. You should seriously consider publishing them.