Monday, December 22, 2008

Perfect Imperfection

The dream mixes with reality
Night becomes day, or is it night again?
Blended breathing, colors
Concentration, wanting, without wanting
Deep, intense lust and love
A thought, never ending
Words never ceasing
Understanding, expressing
Creativity, abundance
Stretching, pushing... pulling
Reality giving way for interpretation
Questions instead of answers
Asking... asking, telling, acknowledging
Comprehension, a spellbinding wavelength
Significance, not arrogance
Writing, singing, dancing
Hearts beat in unison
Feeling, breathing, touching
Open mindedness
Giving in, not giving up
Eternally grateful
Ironic expressions, amused and the amusing, the "amuser"
Perfect imperfection
A blessed interaction, a soul meeting
A planned encounter
The ideal destiny
Capable contemplation
The story ends... for tonight

Sunday, October 12, 2008


A cool breeze chills the air
It`s October finally
I close my eyes and take deep breaths
The crisp air fills my lungs
I breathe in forgiveness, out revenge...
In clarity and peace, out chaos
In reverence and gratitude, out selfish desires
Today I practice yoga
Today I make a conscious choice
Today I am whole, strong, aware, present
Today I am love
I do not feel joy, I am joy
I can not feel consciousness, I am consciousness

I bow my head to you
I bow my head to my heart where I know peace resides


I know when I am in that place in me and you are in that place in you, there is only one of us.


Sunday, June 22, 2008


Authenticity, held with a fiery spark of insanity
Gives life to ideas with a twist of unexpected reality

The need to feel accepted and understood
Alive inside all of us, but self cultivated with falsehood

Fed to us from the moment we were born
What you should be, implanted like a thorn

I don`t need to be what you think I am
I need to be everything not yet defined by a man

We all need to rise up and forget what we know
About beauty, love, earth, people, the ego…

Unknown time and space…open mind, open heart
It`s time to come together, not drive apart

We limit people with what we think they should do
Not seeing deeper, allowing them to define their who

Let`s consider that life is an evolution for all
There is nothing we can do, say or feel that`s small

The impact of even a simple, acknowledging glance
Is the hope someone needs to give life another chance

Power, endorsed by positive or negative is still power
When you call it anything else, a flower is still a flower

If you were told a flower was a bird
Would you believe what you heard?

Depending on who told you, would you change your mind?
If so, are there more undiscovered "truths" to find?

Denial, fear, closed mindedness… so widespread today
Why are we not open to any other way?

If you believe, or even if refuse to see
"It" is still there, the underlying reality

We all impact each other, as a community, as an earth
That`s why it`s time to cleans the world, a new birth!

Together we can do absolutely anything, if we believe
Alone we are limited to what we can achieve

Spin, turn, open, hold… sing, draw, write, dance
Open your mind, give earth, our children, another chance

Limitless possibilities, alive in every living thing
Starting right now, it`s not what you take, it`s what you bring

Crazy is only "crazy" if someone sees it that way
Good, time to be crazy, today is your day!

Share, ask, love…give
Stand up for each other, learn to really live

There`s a change in the air and we all play a role
It`s going to take all of us to renew and become whole

Pray, eat, thank… share
A NEW EARTH will be born when we ALL really care

This is my way of doing my part
It`s not much yet, but it`s a start

Insanity, a label we all hold sometimes
Remember, a word is just a word: OPEN YOUR MIND

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Not A Moment Too Soon...

Not A Moment Too Soon...

3 minutes later, I realize what I said was stupid
So, so stupid
You are gone and I`m here, alone
Why does this always happen?
When someone loves another someone, someone always gets hurt

I think
Why is this happening?
I get scared, I think of the worst
I picture you, gone... gone forever

I sigh, look around
It`s late... too late
Where could you have gone?
Why are you doing this to me?

I close my eyes, take a deep breath
"God..." I whisper... "Let him be okay..."
A tear rolls down one cheek
"We are a family... we know what love is..."

The TV blairs in the background
Ryan Seacrest tells someone he is sorry they are going home
Home! Home is where the heart is
He isn`t home... his heart isn`t here

The Serect, remember The Secret
He is safe, he is home, he loves me
I look around
He`s not here

If another minute passes...
I can`t breath
"Oh God, Dear God..."
I replay everything in my head

The phone rings
"Hello...? Hello...?"
A deep breath, a sigh
"I`m coming home"

A roller coaster of emotions flood over me
He`s okay
He`s coming home
I`m relieved, I`m angry

I know he`s okay
I`m not worried anymore
He`s one his way
I feel robbed

He left
I worried
He called
I`m mad

He`s here
I here the door open
My heart jumps
I want to be upset

"Where were you?"
I plea
We meet, eye to eye
His are sorry

I run towards him
Wrap my arms around his neck
Tears flow down both cheeks
He squeezes my waist

"It`s just... I..."
He crys outlound with me
Everything is okay
We are together

I melt into a different place
Oneness becomes who we are
My eyes stay shut
I forget who I am

When day comes, the night is a blurr
Only smeared mascara
Two empty wine glasses...
And a bad dream remain