Sunday, September 26, 2010


Lovely ones
They flutter

Your smile, your eyes, your laugh, your heart...

Tell me, when was the last time you gave in?

Breathless, speechless...

So many questions... so much fun discovering the answers...

The nights are getting cooler now
The air more crisp
I am aware, a change is stirring inside of me

I dream... am I awake? Am I sleeping?

I am in that place...
where dreams are reality and reality is a dream
where day is night and night is day
where weakness is strength
where every moment is bliss... every glance, every smile, every breath...

And you, you are in that place too

We... we are in that place...

You are me
I am you

We are one.

Searching for words... there are none
Words have not been written for what I feel
Words do not exist in this place

Heart pounding
A million years flash before my eyes
A reunion
Blissfully joyful
Full of gratitude
A heightened state of awareness
Positive vibrational pull

First times, so familiar

They fly
But one... it embers inside of me
You ignited it
And each word you write, speak, feel, think... it fuels my fire
And I love it
I love how I feel

And it all makes sense now
The pieces of the puzzle...

But I am lost
I am lost in you
But I let myself go... and I am falling... deeper... longer... harder...
And I am finding myself in a pool of bliss

I look at the sky
I see the moon
I think of you
And suddenly I am flying... and I love flying in your wondrous sky
I didn’t realize I could get so high

Am I falling or flying?
Am I in you?
Are you in me?
Or are we one... already inside of each other...
Deep inside and yet so high...

Random has reason
I see
You see
We see
We are

1 comment:

Tatiana Anderson said...

I totally love this! Makes love seem exciting and at home! You really know how to put the perfect feelings into each word!