Saturday, April 29, 2006

For My G, My Godsend

The way you say your blessed
And to see, it`s just the best
And to rest
Knowing there`s something between you and me
And to feel just so free
You singing to me so sweetly
I can see into your eyes
No lies
You`re not like other guys
Who cheat on their wives
Destroy their lives
Not you
The son of who
Created me too-
Knowing that soon
We would sit in this room
We would flow
Cause we know
What we do
Is between me and you
And we see
What we`ll be
For the rest of Eternity
Living life so happily
And now I`m down on my knees
Thanking God and asking please
Let him be the one
Who proves life`s just begun
With my son
And my daughter, nothing`s ever done
But we have a lot of fun
I`m so glad he sent you here
That you can be so near
To chase away my fear
And lend to me an ear
And when I go to bed
It`s with thoughts of you running through my head
And the things that you have said
Have led
Me to be fed
In a way
That I`ll stay
Another Day
And I`ll hear the words you have to say
Cause I know in the end
You have become my greatest friend
My ally, my Godsend...

1 comment:

giovanni said...

My alli, my best friend, and my Godsend indeed is what you are to me. Again, I love your writing. Your words flow like Niagra falls. You, my sweet, are very talented. We're gonna have such a talented son. xoxoxo -G-