Saturday, April 29, 2006

Simple Thoughts...

In a desperate world where only the truth really matters

Children cry and their mothers can`t hold them

A twist of faith changes a single persons life forever

Two destinies collide and a crash course in love is taught in a matter of days

Each tear that falls is a question on that persons mind

Gifts that can only come from within are given without a thought of anything in return

One heart tries desperately to talk to another, no words are ever spoken

Everyday struggles cloud the clearness in was once thought to be a sound mind

A direct quote is spoken from the mouths of disbelievers, not knowing the person they are quoting

Fiction becomes fact when the source is a reliable one

Simple moments are shared with one smile, one wink, one glance... returning as a memory years later

knowing better not always equals doing better, yet tomorrow always comes new

knowledge of life... destiny, created by our own thoughts and actions

A silent prayer before you sleep, "Please give me faith, so I will believe good things come to those who wait..."

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