Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Thought

Wondering what it would take to freeze this moment and come back at a later time
I close my eyes and try to engrave it in my mind forever
Once as a child I took a picture of a day in my head
Years later I visited it as though it were yesterday
I can still see a glimpse of it when I try, but memories fade away if we don`t share them
Something that you want to keep with you forever, will quickly become a piece of who you are
But, you may not realize what brought you to this place
Unless... you have breathed it in and turned to make it into something substantial
We need to feel, touch, smell, see, hear...
Once that`s gone we have nothing
Often times we mistake our past with a dream we had, a book we read or a movie we saw
How can you be certain that your memories are real?
If it`s okay with you, I`ll take what I have, real or fake... because all of it made me who I am
But, I will be careful about how I move forward
Not everything I encounter should become part of me
I am aware enough to acknowledge the difference, at least part of the time
Some of what I carry is a burden
But, I`m learning
When we learn, we grow... and when we grow we remember how limitless we are
It`s important to know you`re never complete
This way we can keep expanding
So, I will open my ears as well as my heart
And, I will take what I need and leave the rest for someone else
This is how it should be

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