Monday, May 14, 2007

You are in control

It took me a while to realize that everything I feel is within my control
People often choose to react to situations and act as though their feelings are out of their control
"You made me feel..."
In reality you make the choice on how you feel - no one can make you feel anything
Feelings are one of the only things we are always in control of
Something can happen that would normally anger you and instead of reacting with anger you can choose an attitude of kindness, hope, understanding...
The easy reaction is usually the most detrimental to the person reacting
It takes work to stay calm and focused
But, when you do, you are blessed with a sigh of relief, peace
When you react carelessly you are only left with stirred up feelings of resentment and regret
Next time someone says something to upset you, instead of choosing the easy way out, stop, take a breath and choose how you want to feel
You`ll be amazed and your own reactions
Often times a few moments of careful thought help you realize you aren`t angry at all
No one can upset you and you win!
You are in control of how you feel
Once you realize this, you`ll feel empowered
Your feeling are yours - you decide how you feel, you decide who you are...
You are in control of you!


Chris Depelteau said...

So true, very well put. I sometimes react too quickly but I am working on that. Your insight is wise beyond years. thanks.

Zelda said...

Interesting to know.

Jenny Stradling said...

Thank you!