Thursday, April 15, 2010

Afformations - That`s right af-FOR-mations

 Thanks Jim Peake for sharing this with me :-)

If you like affirmations, check out a new way of thinking:

A few of my own afFORmations:

Why am I so rich and abundant in every way?
Why am I always so positive and happy?
Why do I always have so much energy?
Why am I so in shape and healthy?

What are some of your afformations?
Can you start asking yourself better questions? 

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Jim Peake said...

Why do I have so many so many great friends?
Why is it so easy to be in shape?
Why am I swamped with so many referrals?
Why is my business taking off in 2010?
Why is paying the IRS so much fun?
Why is everything working out so perfectly?
Because we love afformations and they work!