Friday, December 16, 2011

A Love Letter - For Chris

I text: “I love you”

He responded: “I love us… we can be the perfect couple when we want to be”

All these years, you have been there for me

My friend
My partner in crime
My lover
My business partner
My shoulder to cry on
My teacher
My buddy
My boyfriend

I always knew I loved you. But, when I fell, I fell hard. When it happened, it really happened.

It’s crazy how it feels old, but its new. It feels like forever, but that forever has already happened and now we are starting over. 

My love is deep. But it’s hard. 

Not hard to be with you, hard to be without you.

But, our lives are crazy. We are so busy. It’s so complicated. 

But everything still feels right. It feels like everything will always be okay, from now on, as long as I have you.

It’s crazy how I feel for you.

Our love, what we have, it makes everything from my past feel like a big blur. 

It’s like I was lost in the forest or something… and you finally found me and brought me home.

It’s like finally getting to that place you have been searching for… but when you get there you realize that you have always been there in your head. 

The difference now is just that your heart finally found its place.

My heart found its place with you and I am happy. 

I am in love... with you...

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