Thursday, September 20, 2007


In this new world, time does not exist
He sleeps, he eats, he sleeps...
His tiny fingers curl into his tiny little hands
I love him
I am in love with his every breath, his sweet baby faces, his curious eyes

He depends on only me
He needs me, but I need him
Soft new skin and milky baby breath...
I wonder what kind of things he will learn to love

Nothing matters now
Or, everything matters, but in a new way
He doesn`t care how I look, or if the house is clean
Pure, fresh innocence
We are in baby bliss

Awake and alert for a moment
I can`t look away
Kiss... kiss... kiss...
What do think about Baby?
Do you know Mommy loves you?

I want to soak in every moment
I can`t put him down
He gurgles and sighs
He is perfect
More kisses...

My body feeds him
God planned it this way
Mommy and baby, joined together
There are no words to express
Beautiful, beautiful baby

I love you...


Ashton Car Lover said...

Eli is so cute!

love, Ashton

tatiana_qkd said...

Jenny i am so amazed with how much of a wonderful person, friend, mother and boss you are. Eli is the most amazing little baby. he is so cute.

Jenny Stradling said...

Eli... so precious!