Saturday, May 27, 2006


I love how easy it is for you to just run away
Just because there`s words you can`t say
Why can`t you just quietly stay?
Try to help me find a better way?

Instead I`m left sitting alone
A reminder I live in a "broken home"
I could hear a roughness when you said "bye" in your tone
Now I sit, just waiting, starring at the phone

Why is it okay for you to leave me like this?
A sideways look and a curtsey goodbye kiss?
Remember when we were together in our own bedroom bliss?
Isn`t that something that you`re going to miss?

I wish there was something I could say to you
To know that I was really getting through
Just to see if I could spark something new
To know that you want something better too

But for now I just sit alone and depressed
I can lay in the dark, but I know I wont rest
Thinking of the thoughts I should have confessed
About how much I love you and how you`re so blessed

For now I wonder if you`re thinking of me
And if you heard the prayer I said silently
And if by chance you might want me to be
Dreaming of you... content and happily

So, I sit here wishing you would just call
I can`t stand to let another tear fall
This isn`t what either of us wanted at all
To let a gap between us grow so big and so tall

I`ll stay awake tonight, alone in bed
With these continuous thoughts that seem stuck in my head
Of all the bad words that were or weren`t said
Wishing I could replace them with these words instead:

"I know you don`t like it when I put up a fight
But I`m hoping that one of these days that you might
Lay close to me with your arms around me tight
And whisper that you want to stay every night"

Then I wont feel like I`ve lost something sweet
In the darkness your lips and mine will meet
Our bodies will touch from our heads to our feet
And I will remember how it feels to be complete


giovanni said...

Wow baby! Sounds familiar. Isn't it nice knowing now that we do get to lay in each others arms and eat dinner together and go to the movies and play games together, and, also love each other 24/7. I love you momma. Your such a great writer xoxoxo Luv -G-

Jenny Stradling said...

Wow, thank you baby..... I love you... XXX