Saturday, May 20, 2006

you and me

making me think
we`re right on the brink
of something so big
just deciding to live, to give
not only receive
this is what we believe
i see it alive in you
i know you see it in me too
and when this truth becomes real
there`s nothing left to feel
we breath, we bleed
we fill that need
we try our best
worry about the rest
then we point the finger
after letting the laughter linger
there`s no one left to blame
no one left to feel the shame
but that`s okay with us
it`s in each other we trust
i know there`s things that we don`t say
because words just get in the way
besides, you can read my mind
the truth and answers you will find
i`m happy you are here
and for a moment you are near
the rest is left to be
the story of you and me

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