Saturday, May 20, 2006


A whirlwind of change has taken place.
When the dust settled all that remained was you
and I in all of our rawness
and maybe a remembrance of
the way things used to be.

It had to happen
or I never would have realized the fullness
of our potential together.

Now I see you with a whole new intensity
and I thank God for the bad
so I could appreciate the good.

I know there will be moments,
as there have been,
where I will see glimpses
of the past
and forget how far we`ve come...

But then you look at me,
breaking through all of my insecurities,
in such a way that a flood of emotions take over
and I realize:
We are made for each other.

The feeling of you next to me
is more then I ever could have hoped for.

There`s no longer the feeling of desperation
when it comes to needing you-
I need you because
I love you.

I know we will continue to be tested by God,
but with a new found courage,
and you by my side,
I can make it through any struggle.

At last...
I don`t have to question myself or
my decisions anymore-
I love you completely!

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