Saturday, May 20, 2006

When I find myself...

Thank you for this time
To make this life completely mine

To focus on what`s right for me
To make my own discoveries

God has blessed me through you
He has given me an amazing friend too

You`ve taught me how to give
You`ve shown me how to live

Today you changed my life
You said one day I could be your wife

You completely blow my mind
Through you the answers I will find

I have lived through grief and sorrow
Now I see a brighter tomorrow

I love the way you make me feel
With you life seems so surreal

You make me laugh out loud
Watching you sing makes me proud

I don`t want to loose what we`ve had
But if you`re happy then I`m glad

And who knows what tomorrow has in store
Maybe things will be better then before

For the sake of reality
What`s meant to be will be

And we both know this isn`t the end
You have become my greatest friend

I just hope we take this time for the right reason
That you`re not in my life for just a season

I`ll do my best to believe
With an open mind I`ll receive

I hope you can still see yourself with me
And when I find myself there you`ll be

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